Governing Boards

City Council Meeting Dates and Times

The City Council meets monthly the 2nd Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the City meeting room. For information call City Hall at 580-795-3378.

The City Council members are:

  • James Fullingim, City Manager
  • Sam Huffman
  • Heath Weaver
  • Travis Williams
  • Terry Rushing
  • Shaunda Kendrix

Library Board Meeting Dates and Times

The Library Board meets quarterly the 1st Wednesday of the Month, at 12:00 noon
on January 4, April 5, July 5, and October 4, 2017 at the Madill City Library.

The Library Board members are:

  • Katherine Wright, President
  • Sandra Baker, Vice President
  • Karen Wellman, Secretary
  • Sue Cherry, Member
  • LaRue Wilhite, Member
  • Sharron Watts, Member

MMCLET Meeting Dates and Times

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of February at 5:30 p.m. at the Madill City-County Library.

MMCLET members are:

  • Karen Wellman, Chair
  • Wynn Stowers, Vice Chair
  • Katherine Wright, Treasurer
  • Sandy Baker
  • Jodie Coulson
  • Cindy Dodds
  • Stephanie Dohrer
  • Margaret Long
  • Jackie Matthews
  • Sue Nelson
  • Linda Woody
  • LaRue Wilhite

Oklahoma Library Laws, Rules and Regulations

This is unofficial compilation of links leading to sections of the Oklahoma Constitution, Oklahoma Statutes (primarily Title 65) and Oklahoma Administrative Code (primarily Titles 60 and 405) relating to operation of the Madill City County Library. It does NOT include all statutes, rules, ordinances, or bylaws that may apply to a specific situation. It is intended as a convenient reference, not as a replacement for the official versions of these publications. It should not be substituted for advice of legal counsel. This information is being provided to comply with the Oklahoma Government Website Information Act (House Bill No 2698, 2010).

Note the following explanations of citation abbreviations:
O.S. = Oklahoma Statutes
Okla. Const. = Oklahoma Constitution
OAC = Oklahoma Administrative Code

For more information on laws, rules and regulations that impact all types of public libraries and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL), visit Laws and Regulations Affecting Oklahoma Libraries on the ODL website.